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Lincoln Electric firm is in the field of arc welding a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of machinery,equipment and consumables.

Lincoln Electric was at the birthday of the arc welding and for more than 100 years has been offering professional welding sources and consumables to its customers.

The field of colour metal welding is very wide and we are able to offer to our customers the following:

  1. welding sources
  2. consumables.


1. Welding sources for welding of colour metals

In the offer of welding sources, there are both, sources for GTAW (TIG) welding and sources for GMAW (MIG/MAG) welding.

Robust design of sources with long life. 3-year warranty.

Sources GTAW (TIG):





GMAW (MIG/MAG) sources

POWER WAVE 450 or POWER WAVE 455 for pulse welding with Al wires and for pulse soldering with bronze materials.

Another sources for non-pulse welding with aluminium CV 400, CV 500, Compact 400 and a wide range of sources Compact.

1.1. Sources Square Wave 175, 255, 275, 355

Welding sources SQUARE WAVE are transformer sources of constant current for high quality welding with direct current and alternated current, method GTAW (TIG), also with coated electrode (SMAW). Smooth control of welding current. The transformer and electronic circuits are designed against interference of atmospheric influence and for reliability and long life. Well arragement control panels enable easy and quick setting of all welding parameters.
SQUARE WAVE sources allow to operator complete control of welding current, plus possibility of setting the starting and final current. They have autobalance control, 2-stage or 4-stage regime of gun trigger, arc starting control, crate filling control and spot welding. Each phase of welding process, its each parameter is indicated by LED, which enables exact programming of all parameters. In addition, the source has possibility of preflow time setting and postflow time setting of the shielding gas and also control of cooling water flow. Excellent arc stability. The sources can be equipped with a great range of accessories, as are remote control, foot starting etc.



Technical parameters:

  Output Range of current
SQUARE WAVE 355 375A / 35V / 35%
300A / 32V / 60%
220A / 29V / 100%
2 - 400A
SQUARE WAVE 275 275A / 31V / 40%
225A / 29V / 60%
175A / 27V / 100%
5 - 315A
SQUARE WAVE 255 255A / 30V / 40%
200A / 28V / 60%
150A / 26V / 100%
5 - 315A
SQUARE WAVE 175 150A / 26V / 25%
125A / 25V / 40%
110A / 24V / 60%
90A / 24V / 100%
12 - 175A


1.2. Pulsed source with digital control POWER WAVE 455 – description

Welding source POWER WAVE 455 in connection with feeder POWER FEED 10 represents new designing trend in solving the top, digitally controlled invertor sources for GMAW, SMAW welding in heavy – duty industrial conditions. New characteristic feature of this design is control of this source and feeder from one control panel on the feeder POWER FEED 10. Controlling information for the source are coming into the source POWER WAVE 455 from the feeder POWER FEED 10.

The source enables both, the flat setting (CV) and steep setting characteristic.
Therefore it is possible to use it for the following methods:

Arragement of control panel on feeder POWER FEED 10 is variable, according to requirement of customer – enables to equip this source with simple CV characteristics for GMAW (MIG/MAG) welding, but also for pulse welding with possibilities of individual interference into the welding charasteristics. This source can be also provided with a small panel for the possibilities of welding parameters storage into the six fixed and two variable memories. Selection of parameters from these memories is possible from the control panel or through the change-over switch on the welding gun. Change of program is possible during the operation of the source, so that the operator can prepare in advance two sets of welding parameters. In the course of welding he can choose which of them he wants to use.

This source offers to user a range of installed synergic curves for unalloyed materials, highalloyed materials, aluminium and its alloys with silicon or manganese and tubular wires. Synergic curves are available for both, pulse welding and non-pulse welding.

The selected system of control is easy to understand, so that only short time for training of an oparator is needed.The controlling electronics and microprocessor control are situated under the feeder control panel and do not bother the oparator in any way with too great number od values.The customer selects the optimal configuration of individual elements (panels, interconnecting cables and other accessories) to suit his purpose and his particular needs.

Another suitable element for users is the possibility to separate the control panel from the feeder, the feeder can be located separately, for example into the existing automatic welding equipment and in the same way the control panel can be placed into the control panel of the existing equipment. The welding source can be located independentally, length of all interconnecting cables is selectable.

POWER FEED 10 is a new type of welding wire feeder. It contains complete control circuits and controls for setting of the welding source POWER WAVE 455. Its totally different design, compared with feeders used until now, is a new trend in the field of highly reliable and powerful wire feeders with an advanced system of control, operation without maintenance and easy change of the total arrangement of the feeder to meet all needs and requirements for this work.

The new design of feeding mechanism does not require for its attendance and maintenance any tools – replacement of rolls and cleaning. For speeding of work the feeder POWER FEED 10 is provided with an automatic guiding of wire.



Name Catalogue No. Inlet voltage
Outlet current
Inlet current at 100% welding current Outlet range Weigh
Power Wave 455 K1517-3 230 / 400
50 / 60 Hz
450A/38V/100% 230 / 65A
400 / 39A
5 - 570A 113 (600x508x838)


Modular arrangement of this source and feeder enables easy maintenance, built-in thermal fuses against overloading and electronic protection against exceeding current are for users an assurance of a high reliability of the entire equipment.

Welding source POWER WAVE 455 with feeder POWER FEED 10 are for a user an assurance of a high output, easy maintenance, modern design and high reliability supported by 3-year warranty.


1.3. IDEALARC CV 400-I and CV 500-I

IDEALARC CV 400-I and CV 500-I are sources of constant voltage for GMAW (MIG/MAG) welding. They are intended for welding of constructional and high-quality steels, Al alloys etc. These sources enable welding with solid wire and with cored wire without outer shielding - Innershield and with cored wires with gas shielding – cored wires Outershield.

IDEALARC CV 400-I/500-I enable, thanks to smooth setting of arc voltage , to choose the most optimal welding parameters for quality welds with excellent appearance and low spatter and excellent arc stability. Welding sources CV 400-I/500-I can be supplemented with remote control, through which the operator can smoothly control the arc voltage and wire feeding speed.

Source CV 400-I has the possibility of choice between two magnitudes of inductance, which offer for operator selection of required outlet characteristics.Nízká induktance pripojení je typickým použitím pro krátký obloukový svar mekké oceli, zejména na tenkých materiálech nebo užitím krycího plynu CO2.

Assembly of transformer, reactance coil and rectifier is covered with special sealing
and nsulating material, protecting circuits against moisture and corrosive influence of

Sources IDEALARC CV 400-I/500-I are designed for use in the most heavy-duty industrial operations, where user will appreciate their verified robust design, whose reliability results from more than 100-years of experience, which the LINCOLN ELECTRIC firm has. These sources are in compliance with ISO 9002.

These features, which are very important for users, are supported by 3-year warranty. Sources IDEALARC CV 400-I/500-I can be used with a great range of wire feeders, with possibilities of choice of connecting cables length, location of feeder, choice of type of undercarriage, addition of welding gun cooled by water etc.

Recommended are semiautomatic wire feeders Lincoln LN-542, LN-742, LN-25 and LN 27.

Advantage Lincoln:

Technical parameters:

No. of order CV 400-I
Working cycle (Period 10 min) % 60% 100% 60% 100%
Welding current A 400 300 500 400
Arc voltage V 34 29 39 34
Open-circuit voltage, max V 50 50
Range of welding current A 50-400 60-500
Range of welding voltage V 7-37 12-42
3-phase 50-60Hz supply V 230/400 230/400
Current supply-rated output A 59/34 75/42
Weight kg 136 174
Dimensions (H x W x L) mm 546x495x686 700x565x813



2. Consumables for welding of colour metals

Range of welding materials made by firm Lincoln Electric for welding of colour metals is very wide and includes solid electrodes, TIG wires and MIG/MAG wires.

Materials in brief

Obalené elektrody pro svarování Al - bronzí s 12% Mn pro nízkou porozitu????????

  Mn Al Fe Cu Ni
RepTec Cu8 12 6.5 2 remainder 2

Coated electrodes for welding aluminium alloys with silicon

  Al Si Mn
RepTecAlSi5 remainder 5 -
RepTecAlSi12 remainder 12 0.2

Wires MIG and TIG for welding and soldering of Cu alloys

  Cu Mn Si Ni Al Fe Ti Sn
LNM/LNT CuAl 8 remainder 0.30 - 0.5 8 - -


LNM CuAl8 Ni2

- - - - - - - -
LNM/LNT CuNi 30 remainder 0.75 0.2 30 - 0.5 0.35 -
LNM CuSn remainder 0.20 0.3 0.1 - - - 0.8
LNT CuSn 6 - - - - - - - -
LNT CuSi 3 - - - - - - - -


Wires MIG and TIG for welding of aluminium and its alloys

  Al Mg Si Ti Zn Cu Mn Cr Fe Zr
LNM/LNT Al 99.5 remainder - - 0.05 0.07 0.05 - - - -
LNM/LNT AlMg 3 remainder 3.2 0.2 0.10 0.10 - - - - -
LNM/LNT AlMg 5 remainder 5.0 0.2 0.15 0.10 - 0.10 0.15 - -
LNM/LNT AlMg 4.5Mn remainder 4.5 0.2 0.15 0.15 - 0.80 0.15 - -
LNM/LNT AlSi 5 remainder - 5.0 0.15 0.10 - 0.05 - 0.6 -
LNM/LNT AlSi 12 remainder - 12.0 0.10 0.10 - - - 0.6 -

LNM – wire GMAW (TIG)

LNT – wire GTAW (MAG)


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