Description of equipment

Welding source POWER WAVE 455 in connection with feeder POWER FEED 10 represents a new designing trend in solution of the top, digitally controlled invertor sources for GMAW, SMAW welding in heavy-duty industrial conditions. Characteristic feature of this design is the control of the source and feeder from one panel, situated on the feeder POWER FEED 10. (From ergonomic opinion more favourable position for operator). Control information for source are entering welding source POWER WAVE 455 from feeder POWER FEED 10.

The source enables setting both, flat characteristics (CV) and steep characteristics (CC). It is thus possible to use it for the following methods:

  • SMAW (manual welding with coated electrode)
  • for carbon arc gouging

Modular arrangement of this source enables easy maintenance, built-in thermal fuses against overloading and electronic protection against exceeding current are for user an assurance of high reliability of entire equipment.
Variable arrangement, according to customer´s requirement, enables to equip this source with simple CV characteristics for GMAW (MIG/MAG) welding, nevertheless also for pulse welding, with possibilities of individual interference into welding characteristics.
Selected control system is simple and easy to understand, so that only short time is needed for training of attendance. Optimal configuration of individual elements (panels, interconnecting cables, and other accessories) is a choice of customer, according to his needs and possibilities.
Power Wave 455 source can be easily installed into the existing workshops with semiautomatic or automatic guiding of welding gun, thanks to easy separation of POWER WAVE 455 from POWER FEED 10, as well as control panel.


  • Weight 113 kg
  • Dimensions 660 x 508 x 838 mm
  • 450A/38V
  • DZ 100%
  • Range of current: 5 – 570A

Warranty 3 years, ISO 9002


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