Description of equipment

Compact 400-I is a 3-phase source of constant voltage, output 300A/DZ 100%, with built-in 2-roll wire feeder.
Design of this source combines excellent features of welding source CV 400-I and wire feeder LN 742 with full integration of all functions and parameters. Microprocessor control of output voltage provides permanently excellent welding output both, with solid and cored wire.

Perfectly tested robust electronic circuits ensure very long life. Built-in diagnostics serves for easy search of faults.

This source is provided with feedback ensuring exact control of wire feed speed, independent on wire feed resistence and fluctuations of feed voltage.

Robust dynamic brake does not require any maintenance, quickly stops motor, so that overtravel is minimal.

Easy replacement of guide rolls enables to use a wide range of wire diameters, 0,6 – 1,6 mm for solid wires, 1,2 – 2,4 mm for cored wires and 0,9 – 1,6 mm for aluminium wires.

Transformer assembly, reactance coil and rectifier is covered with special sealing and insulating material, protecting circuits against moisture and corrosive influences of atmosphere.

Easily removable side covers and modular design enable quick maintenance and attendance.
Front panel contains switches, control lights and connectors for easy control and attendance. These sources are provided with undercarriage with platform for bottle with a shielding gas and for easy installation of water cooler.

Advantage Lincoln

  • Robust electronic circuits ensure very long life, even in the heaviest conditions for operation.
  • Precision and reliability in the sequence of setting is improved by digital voltmeter/ampermeter.
  • Condition and activity of all circuits for quick and easy repair is controlled by microprocessor.
  • Compact dimensions require minimal area for location on working place.
  • Sources contain control plate with diagnostics for attendance warning that, there is something wrong.
  • Easy attendance.
  • Electronic circuits automatically equalize fluctuation of inlet voltage + - 10%.
  • Possibility of remote control connection for smooth control of wire feed speed and welding voltage.
  • Socket 220 VAC for water cooler connection.
  • Electronic and thermostatic protection against current and temperature overloading with thermal indicator of light.
  • Main switch connected with control light.
  • Three-year warranty for parts and labour.
  • Made in compliance with ISO 9002.

Technical specification

Source Compact 400-I
Working cycle
(period 10 min)
% 60 / 100
Welding current A 400 / 300
Arc voltage V 36 / 32
Open - circuit voltage, (max) V 55
Range of welding current A 50 - 400
Range of welding voltage V 7 - 36
3-phase 50/60Hz supply V 230 / 400
Current supply – rated output A 67 / 39
Weight kg 170
Dimensions (H x W x L) mm 870x700x980

Recommended accessories

Water cooler magnum 8I K873-1.


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