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Technology of arc welding is going through stormy development, thanks to continuous advancements, provided by new electronics controlled by computers. Welding technology MIG/MAG – arc welding with continuous wire in shielding atmosphere of gases has become for users a subject of greatest interest. The range of use of this welding technology, through its better understanding has been growing.

At firt this technology was used with pure CO2 gas for unalloyed and lowalloyed materials. Pure CO2 gas was replaced by blends of gases containing argon Ar. With the advent of these blends of gases, the use of spray transfer of weld metal was also enabled. Spray transfer of the weld metal to the weld pool has its great advantages (no spatter around weld, welds have perfect penetration), nevertheless also disadvantages (large heat input, impossibility to weld in other positions, except downhand welding).

Use of electronic elements for power circuits enabled the development and production of the welding sources with the pulse control of the weld metal spray transfer to weld.

Pulse control MIG/MAG technology has for its user the following advantages:

Setting of all parameters of pulse process welding (magnitude of pulses, rate of pulsed current to basic current, pulse frequency, pulse shape etc.) is very demanding and varies for each change of welding wire feed speed.

This demanding work concerning setting of the entire pulse welding process has led to the use of microprocessors for control of all parameters. Getting parameters for pulse welding is a result of a long-term development and experience of the manufacturer in the field of welding.

These welding parameters are determined for filling materials used most. The customer can thus buy the welding source, which is provided with the programs for the filling materials commonly used.

What possibilities user has, if he wants to use for pulse welding nonstandard filling material, for which, there is in the welding source no corresponding program for the pulse welding ? Until now, the user could try only some installed characteristics for other material. If it did not suit, there was no possibility to use that matarial for pulse welding.

Even these cases, the users of the pulse welding can solve quite easily. Lincoln Electric firm is coming on the world and Czech market as well with new software "WAVE DESIGNERTM", which in connection with the source POWER WAVE 455/FEED 10, 11 enables designing of various welding parameters for pulse regime. The user is thus getting into his hands a powerful tool for his own development or for adjustment of existing characteristics.

The user is thus entering the sphere of the pulsed arc setting, which until now has been open only to the research and development departments of the manufacturers of this technology.

WAVE DESIGNERTM enables manipulation with some parameters of pulse shape, setting of peak current, background current, frequency, pulse width, arc length, start and other parameters, see fig. 2. The program is provided also with a tool for scanning of actual parameters on the arc "Arc Scope".

Arc scope monitors arc power, arc resistence, input energy (fig.3). Arc Scope enables data processing with high speed and data printing with high resolution. It is an integral part of the program WAVE DESIGNER PROTM and its use is as easy as with any program Windows.

Arc Scope is provided with an advanced measurement of cursor, enabling integration of measured values in actual time. Practical use is very easy. After an easy connection of PC to the source POWER WAVE 455 (Fig.1), the design of the proper pulse activity is very easy. The user can see and hear the result instantanenously. The user can store satisfactory results in memory on PC disk and then to transfer it to the welding source POWER WAVE 455.

Users of source POWER WAVE 455/STT II have unique possibility, as they can, through the program WAVE DESIGNER, form parameters of controlled short-circuitting process STT (fig.4). Source POWER WAVE 455/STT II is now being prepared for sale.

Program ARC DESIGNER with program ARC SCOPE can thus change the source POWER WAVE 455, connected with PC, into digital oscilloscope provided with memory, at simultaneous power control of pulse characteristics. For common user it is a unique tool, which at welding currents of hundreds ampers and scanning frequency 10 kHz does not need oscilloscope, probes for scanning of voltage and current. This simplicity is a main precondition for good application and use of the existing sources POWER WAVE 455.

Program ARC DESIGNER again confirmed that top quality products can bring on market only firms with a strong rasearch and development background, which LINCOLN ELECTRIC undoubtedly has. Users of the products of this firm can be sure that they wil be using only top quality products, sometimes even unique.


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