Welding of bodies of Skoda cars by process STT II

Thanks to the exceptional abilities of source STT II, it is possible to weld, even very thin materials, without any difficulties. Typical example is welding of parts of the bodies of Skoda car, Octavia model – see fig.1 – welding of side-wall. Detail of weld being executed on a part of side wall is seen on fig.2. It is butt weld, thickness of metal sheet is 0,8mm with surface treatment by electroplating. Downward vertical welding (PG) was preferred, wire dia 0,8mm. Preparation of the weld joint was very careful, with a gap kept on max 0,5mm, fig.3. Resulting weld joint on the bottom part of the side wall on complicated profile of body bracket under the door is seen on fig.4. The uniformity of the weld is worth looking, weld is not sagged, there is no spatter, damage of electroplating in the area of weld is minimal. In fig.5, there is general view at the welding works, at the front, there is the welding source STT II with feeder LN 742.

Results of welding tests of Skoda car bodies.



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