Description of equipment

Invertec V 300-I is an invertor source of new generation intended for the heaviest duty conditions. This source enables selection both, steep characteristics of constant current (CC) and flat characteristics (CV).
Invertec V 300 - I can be used for manual welding with coated electrode, for semiautomatic shielded welding (GMAW) and for cored wire selfshielded welding (FCAW).
This source can be also used for TIG welding, when using TIG module.
High output of the source (250A at DZ100%) enables its use for high-productivity welding. Low weight of source enables its easy transfer in the welding place. Special design and
treatment of plates of controlling circuits against moisture and atmospheric influences predetermine the use ot the source Invertec V 300-I, for heavy-duty conditions.

Source Invertec V 300-I can be used with recommended wire feeders LN25, LN27, LN742, LN542.
When using wire feeder LN25, no interconnecting cable, source – feeder, is needed. Wire feeder LN25 is connected only by power (welding) cable up to distance 60m from the source
(according to section of welding cables)..

Example of assembly of the source INVERTEC V300-I and feeder LN25 for welding with cored wire Innershield (The most used assembly for welding with technology INNERSHIELD.

Advantage Lincoln

  • the newest invertor technology with high output and excellent welding features
  • low weight of source
  • high resistance against atmospheric influences
  • high reliability
  • possibility of selection from 5 regimes of output characteristics:
    • TIG
    • coated electrode – short arc
    • coated electrode – long arc
    • welding with self -shielded cored wire – Innershield (FCAW)
    • shielded welding withconsumable electrode – GMAW (MIG/MAG)
  • smooth setting of inductance for welding MIG/MAG
  • Arc Force Control – for setting of optimal properties of arc, when manual welding
  • conectors Twist-Mate TM for easy connection of welding cables
  • compensation of input voltage fluctuation + - 10%
  • protection against overloading with light indication on front panel
  • 14 - pin socket for connection of other accessories, remote control of wire feeding
  • possibility of 3-phase or 1-phase feeding
  • 3-year warranty
  • made in compliance with ISO 9002.


Technical specification

230V/1phase 400V/3 phase

Name Feeding
Output current and voltage Input current at loading Range of output currents Weight
230V/1phase 400V/3 phase
INVERTEC V300-I 230/400
1/3 phase
5 - 350A 29 kg 475x274x564
Source INVERTEC V300-I and feeder LN25 combined, welding of steel structure on site.   Welding of rails, Innershield technology, with cored wire NS-3M. Welding source INVERTEC V300-I and feeder LN25 combined, when using special extension.


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