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Dear customers:

Let us introduce one of the biggest manufacturers of welding materials and welding technology in the world, entering the Czech Republic through our firm CZ WELD.

Lincoln Electric is an American firm with its residence in Cleveland, state Ohio in USA, whose name you meet throughout the world. Top technology for arc welding and top quality of welding materials, bear everywhere appreciated trade mark LINCOLN ELECTRIC. In the course of more than 100 year this firm has achieved a lot of experience, on bases of which built-up its significance position on the world market. This experience is the greatest wealth of LINCOLN ELECTRIC and enables thus to give customers a solution of not only standard, but also special situations.

Practical experience of LINCOLN ELECTRIC from the whole world, Europe included, is a base for successful development of manufacturing methods, material specification and determination of production program of this firm. Special requirements are taken into consideration for European market. Lincoln Electric gives to engineers and welding experts a balanced production programme, products of which are made in compliance with AWS and EN standards.

Range of welding materials we are presenting is only a small part of the entire production capacity of the Lincoln Electric in this field. In spite of this, the welding materials given here, cover the most used applications.

The book dealing with this problem is followed by a book named „Products for submerged arc welding“, where is given in detail a range of welding materials for submerged arc welding – wires, fluxes. For renovation technology and building-up of weld layers with special properties, there is a book „Building-up of welds and renovation“.

In any case we believe that the products of Lincoln Electric for entire range of welding technology will enrich our market and find new users, who will appreciate their excellent quality.

We will be glad to answer your questions and together with you will help you to solve your technical problems concerning welding.

We are looking forward to meet you and wish you a lot of success in the field of welding with LINCOLN ELECTRIC products.

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